ONV IoT Intelligent Communication Box



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  • Built-in lightning protection module, Air Circuit-breaker, input voltage detection, input voltage overload/underload alarm, lightning strike count indication.
  • Centralized the power supply, automatic reclosing, voltage short circuit trip, self-recovery power supply. More than 1 set AC220V power output, 3 set DC12V output.
  • Remote PoE power supply and management, multi-channel UTP network connection, fiber connection, link alarm, supporting fiber optic splice trays and fiber optic adapter.
  • Power failure detection, remote monitoring of the 12VDC power supply in the communication box, real-time reporting of the detection results, equipment installation location query, accurate positioning of the equipment installation location through the cloud platform, and online map.
  • A mechanical lock is installed in the communication box to alarm when the box is opened, and the operation and maintenance platform actively warns.
  • The network management data support Ethernet output and can transmit key operation and maintenance data through the optical fiber and IoT transmission modules.
  • Centralize operation and maintenance management cloud platform, through the cloud platform software, User can manage the front-end devices, remotely view the status devices in real-time, and operate the power supply status. when the front-end devices are abnormal, it can be notified of sound and light, pop-up windows, etc. The user at the same time forms a QR code to send work orders, maintenance personnel to receive work orders under the application view, timely troubleshooting. The centralize management cloud platform has alarm records, history records, fault statistics analysis reports, and operation log records.






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