IpTL FastLane™79R Multipath Ethernet Transport Switch

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  • Connects 25 to 1,000 remote devices to the central site.
  • Perfect for larger multisite networks, high‐ bandwidth networking, and disaster recovery applications
  • Fully compatible with any IpTL client or server productincluding M71LW, M72, M75, or M79R.
  • Full IpTL software feature suite.  Single   PortTunnel,AES‐256 encryption, user ACLs/Firewall and dataCompression.
  • Transparent to all Ethernet LAN traffic including   VoIP,H.263/H.264, IPCameras, andVLANs
  • Provides N+1 or N+ N fallback or hot‐standby redundancy - provider, link,&device protection.
  • IntegralVLAN tagging/stripping&Trunking  

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