CMX CS-702 Conference System Delegate Unit

CMXرمز المادة:CS-702


حساب الشحن عند الخروج


  • The chairman unit is specially designed for discussion system.
  • Cost-effective and excellent voice restoration system.
  • Ideal for boardroom & conference room in hotel, office & government.
  • System capacity is 70 unit microphones.
  • Tabletop deign microphone type for easy mobile installation.
  • Chairman unit with priority over delegate unit when speech.
  • Chairman unit with one red priority button except one microphone on button.
  • Chairman unit can turn off the delegate unit speech.
  • The system support only chairman speech mode without any interruption from others. Delegate units could speech only after the chairman unit exit the “Chairman Mode”.
  • With round ring indicator will be light on when microphone on.
  • Gooseneck length of 390mm, other length could be customized without addition cost.
  • Gooseneck color of black, silver could be optional.
  • Voting, simultaneous interpretation and auto video tracking function are optional functions.

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