Avetron 18.5inch diminishing lcd monitor lift drawing. Black Aluminum alloy


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  1. The microphone lifting belt has the function of automatic straightening. When the microphone pole is bent, the machine can automatically straighten the pole when it is off without damaging.
  2. The display and the microphone have independent lifting systems so that both can be lifted as required.
  3. The all-aluminum structure including high-quality aluminum materials and exquisite CNC processing is adopted for the device. The display screen framework is modeled by integral aluminum alloy and CNC at one time and the thickest part is not more than The chassis made of aluminum alloy makes the appearance delicate, portable, beautiful and graceful.
  4. The surface of the device is processed by anodic oxidation treatment with bright color and luster. It is also available for crafts like sandblasting and drawbench as well as color
  5. The product panel is 3mm in thickness and 70mm in width, which is more portable and occupies less space than traditional lifting The weight of the product is only 1/3 of that of conventional lifting units, which helps to reduce the transportation costs and pressure on the conference table.
  6. The transmission structure is specially processed to lower the
  7. The HD screen is produced by a famous brand in China and A-level display screen with high resolution and bright color is chosen. The resolution is 1920*1080P and the aspect ratio is 16:9.
  8. The product combines high-precision lead rails and linear bearings and uses AC decelerating motor as the driving power.
  9. The screen is automatically connected to the power supply after lifting while it is automatically disconnected with the power supply after lowering for energy saving and environment
  10. It supports the signal inputs of HDMI and When there is only one type of signal inputting, the screen will automatically identify the signals. When there are two types of signals inputting simultaneously, it is feasible to manually switch through panel keys. When there is no signal inputting, the screen will automatically enter the power-saving mode.
  11. The device can be centrally controlled through the central control software, the remoter or the host. All the indoor devices can be lifted or lowered by one

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